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Our goal is
long-term success

We pay attention to the whole person–professional goals, personal life and passions. They won't just sign a contract, they'll set down roots.

Happy, healthy partnerships

We know the diverse needs of healthcare systems and the comprehensive solutions our partners want. Here’s what we’re known for:

1000+ annual
provider hires

An 80+ person
recruitment team

cared for

95% highly
satisfied partners

Partner with us

We’ll work with you by listening to you, just like we do for our providers. Send a note to Josh or Paul to start the conversation.

Josh Erde-Wollheim, Executive Partner Development

For Josh, healthcare recruiting is more of a calling than a job. Before becoming our account executive, he made lots of amazing matches between providers and employers. These days, he's focused on developing our partnerships with like-minded healthcare systems across the northern United States.

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Paul Martyr, Sr. Executive Partner Development

Paul's an expert in PS&D's full suite of services, from sourcing and recruitment to compensation and contracting. Serving the southern United States, he is passionate about helping people and supporting purpose-driven healthcare.

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