Resident Resources

Want a little guidance?

We provide complimentary resources, from one-on-one career coaching and toolkits to seminars and training.

For residents and fellows

You’ve been expertly trained to do your job, not to navigate a complicated job search. We can help be your guide.


Career Resources

Most residents aren’t sure what they need to know for their first year of training. We have a team of experts solely dedicated to helping you figure it out.

Let us guide you through:

  • How to answer tough interview questions
  • Beneficial questions to ask at an interview
  • When to consider financial planning
  • When to visit potential residency locations
  • & more
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For chief residents

We know your job is to spread your wealth of knowledge to your colleagues. Let us help you help them.

Off-the-job training

We can present to your residents and fellows in person, to help them build their skills and navigate their careers.

Our topics include:

  • CV and cover letter preparation
  • Compensation models and market trends
  • Interview and site visit tips
  • Credentialing and licensing
  • Strategies for work-life balance
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  • "Highly organized, very informative to the students! What was presented both from the employer side and the applicant side was very germane to my students. Well-organized, good delivery...

  • The entire presentation was useful to the students! I think the emphasis on what THEY needed to consider and ask questions about was very helpful!"

    — Program Director

  • "Thank you all for taking the time to travel and present to the residents yesterday. The program was well-received. We appreciate working with you and hope to have the opportunity again in the future!"

    — Clinical Assistant Professor

  • "Thanks for coming out today! You bring such a wealth of information to our students and I appreciate your perspective."

    — Clinical Professor and Associate Program Director

  • "This team was wonderful, and I am very happy they privileged us with their lecture. Each was very good at defining new words/phrases, answering questions, and delivering information in a steady, step-by-step manner...

  • I took so much out of the lecture and have begun to apply it already. I would love to have them all back for more helpful lectures that will certainly greatly benefit us in the near future as we job-search, interview, and negotiate. Thank you!"

    — Physician Assistant Student

  • "Thanks for your time and information without bias! I feel that we residents do not think that far ahead and it is good to check in on what we don’t know."

    — Family Medicine Resident

  • "Good energy, very useful information, glad to have it before I am starting my job search."

    — Family Medicine Resident

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"The entire presentation was useful
to the students. What was presented both from the employer side and the applicant side was very germane to them. 
Well-organized, good delivery."

– Program Director